Here are mp3 files of some of the music I have composed/recorded.

By downloading any of these files, you agree to use them strictly for non-commercial, personal reasons.

If you hear something you would like to use for business/commercial purposes, please contact me.

Taking Over The World

Taking Over the World

This CD was a project long overdue. I have been writing songs since the 80's and this album has a bit of that retro feel to it. It is the first CD I recorded/ produced, and mastered. My good friend Joe helped with guitars and backing vocals, as well as helping me to arrange some of the tracks. Vanessa Crisp, who sang backup for Janet Jackson, also helped with backing vocals for Areatha.

Taking Over The World


Most of this CD was recorded from "stream of consciousness" sessions on my piano, which I later arranged into several selections. I will be composing and releasing several more CDs like this in the near future. These songs range from 3 minutes long to about 20 minutes long each.

Taking Over The World

Other Music

The Rhythm Loops tracks were used on a retail CDROM for the health/fitness industry. They are presented here in a single file one after another in a montage.

TransWarp is a more recent composition using some of the new music software (Spectrasonics) I purchased.

I have over 70 other songs I have written, more of which I will post at a later time. Check back once in a while for new postings.